High School Internship

Application Timeline

Final selections for the internship program will be made in July 2022, and December 2022.

Time Period

The internship program runs for 18 weeks and begins twice per year; this year’s internship dates are:

August 22, 2022 – December 16, 2022

January 9, 2023 – May 15, 2023

Students who have completed an internship are encouraged to reapply for an additional time period using the alumnae application.


Each intern will be paired with an engineer who will serve as the intern’s mentor for the duration of the internship. Under the guidance and direction of their mentor, the intern will carefully define and select a topic for their internship project. The intern will then have the opportunity to work autonomously to bring their project to fruition. Mentors will facilitate learning by providing appropriate resources as necessary. Interns will present their projects to the GRILL staff at the culmination of their internship.

Available Resources

Interns will have access to GRILL resources, including virtual reality headsets and simulations, Hololens, augmented reality demos, a plethora of computer equipment and software, 3D printers, tablets, laptops, and many other pieces of technology. If you have questions about specific technology available to interns, please e-mail us: internships@af-grill.com

Time Commitment

Interns will be expected to be present at the GRILL and making progress toward finishing their project for approximately 5 hours each week. Specific schedules can be made with their mentors but are flexible in nature and will accommodate extra-curricular activities, familial obligations, work schedules, and illness. Interns will not be allowed to participate in any activity at the GRILL during school hours without written permission from their school administrator.

College Applications

After completing their internships, interns will be able to use their projects as part of their portfolio for college applications. GRILL mentors will also provide a letter of recommendation commiserate with the intern’s work ethic, initiative, reliability, and skills. Please contact your mentor directly to coordinate these requests.

If you previously completed our High School Internship program and are looking to participate again, please fill out this form instead.