Multi-Domain Card Game



  • An Air Force Captain from AFIT sent in a challenge problem to help him with his project called Battlespace Next, a Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) battling trading card game.

  • Battlespace Next was designed to help Air Force soldiers understand the different domains of war and practice strategy skills.

  • After creating the basics of the game, he started developing an online version of Battlespace Next.


  • Students were asked to make a deck builder for Battlespace Next’s online version.

  • The deck builder needed to allow the player to select which cards will be played in the game.

  • The students needed to make a deck builder that was intuitive in order for players to design effective game strategies.

  • The deck builder needed to allow players to figure out which cards are available, sort through cards, and build a deck to be used in the game.


  • Students fully designed and implemented a C# application using tools provided by Unity.

  • Extra functionality was added allowing users to import and export customized decks.


  • Students created a fully functional deck builder complete with an intuitive graphical user interface.

  • Users can add functionality to the game by creating new cards which are dynamically added to the card list.


  • Students thought of more user interface features that would make the deck builder even more intuitive such as creating a sideboard for cards to be added later and the ability to drag and drop cards.


Multi-Domain Card Game Brief.pdf