Multiplayer VR Maintenance



  • VR is of great interest to the military due to its decreased cost, increased capability to provide training without access to actual parts, and immersive experiences.

  • Real-world maintenance routines commonly require multiple people to perform tasks at the same time, so multiplayer capabilities for training can be very beneficial.


  • Students were tasked to create a multiplayer VR experience to decrease costs and allow multiple people to train without being in the same geographical location.

  • The project was required to allow users to train without physical access to the object the maintenance is being performed on.


  • Students designed a multiplayer VR experience using Unreal Engine 4 and the Oculus Rift S.

  • Sketchup and Blender were also utilized for designing and updating maintenance object models.


  • The project concluded with the construction of a multiplayer virtual reality maintenance simulation for arbitrary objects.

  • The multiplayer experience allowed for users to interact with each other without being in the same geographic location.

  • New maintenance objects and routines could easily be added into the maintenance simulation.


  • Multiplayer for training is excellent as it can be used in the classroom to link up students and teachers.

  • It also helps outside of the classroom as users going through the training also may not be in the same physical location.


Multiplayer VR Maintenance Brief.pdf