AR Maintenance Trainer



  • O'Neil and Associates sent in a challenge problem to design an Augmented Reality (AR) Maintenance Trainer.

  • They wanted additional research done on how to create AR trainers using various techniques or software.


  • The AR Maintenance Trainer needed to assist users as they perform a maintenance routine on a physical object by providing various forms of guidance.


  • Students designed the AR trainer using Unreal Engine 4, AR Core, and Android mobile devices.

  • Autodesk Fusion 360 and Blender were also utilized for designing and updating maintenance object models.


  • The project concluded with the construction of a fully functional AR Maintenance Trainer and student-provided feedback that the customer was happy with.

  • In the trainer, a user first selects the maintenance routine to perform and then scans a physical target image to place the virtual object.

  • Then the user steps through their chosen routine which provides animations and step-by-step instructions on how to perform their tasks.


  • Implementing voice recognition and text to speech into the project would be beneficial for a maintenance worker as they would not need to continuously refer back to the device.

  • Adding in data logging would help supervisors as they could see areas in which their maintainers excel in or need further assistance.


AR Maintenance Trainer.pdf