VR Laser Dazzle



  • Air Force Research Lab's Human Performance Wing sent a challenge problem to test human performance while being inhibited by lasers.

  • Laser dazzles distract and harm airmen while performing their duties.


  • The Human Performance Wing needed a more accurate, cheaper, and safer alternative to test human performance when impaired by a laser dazzle.


  • GRILL staff and students took parameters modeled in a C++ file and created a plugin to model the effects of a real laser within the Unreal Engine.

  • Minigames were created to test an airmen's flight control abilities, cognitive abilities, and spatial awareness.


  • Students and staff created a safe, quick, and cost-effective prototype for researchers to measure the effects of a laser dazzle upon test subjects.

  • Additionally, VR measurements provided researchers with new data such as head and hand positions so researchers could better understand human reactions with greater accuracy.


  • Researchers are now able to compare VR results to testing using a real laser.

  • If successful, researchers will use the new safer, quicker, and cheaper method to better understand how lasers affecty human performance.

  • In the future, upon more research, GRILL staff can provide more exercises and datasets for further study.


Laser Dazzle 88ABW-2020-2861 copy.pdf