2021 Projects

Summer STEM Projects

Satellite Proximity Ops

  • USAFA, the Air Force Academy tasked students to build a satellite maneuvering simulation to help familiarize students with satellite behavior.

  • Using Unreal Engine 4 and a orbit/gravity plugin to simulate Kepler physics, the Wright-Scholars created a simple satellite simulation scenario where trainees practice docking maneuvers; scores are tracked in a leaderboard.

AR Maintenance (2021)

  • O'Neil and Associates, Inc., which creates technical manuals for Fortune 500 companies challenged the GRILL to extend upon the GRILL2020 AR Maintenance trainer by using a HoloLens 2 to overlay virtual objects over physical ones.

  • Using Vuforia and the Unity editor, students successfully tracked and animated the physical palette jack inside the virtual world.

UAV Digital Drone

  • Students in the Summer STEM 2021 program built a drone simulation prototype for the Wright-Brothers Institute.

  • Students used software in the loop methodologies to develop a search and rescue scan to find a lost hiker.

VR Straining

  • Summer STEM students at the Gaming Research Integration for Learning Laboratory® helped advance pilot training techniques by building a straining simulator.

  • The simulator uses EMG controls and provides instructors with a tool so student pilots learn the correct level of straining more efficiently.

SpaceX Dragon Capsule Astronaut Recovery Simulator

  • The Space Force's Guardian Angels works to keep astronauts alive in disaster situations caused by weather or unknown means when astronauts cannot land properly.

  • Wright-Scholars used UE4 to make a virtual reality search and rescue training mission.