Flight PASS



Halon fire extinguishers are used to put out engine fires on large aircraft. However, the material is not only toxic to humans but it is also very bad for the atmosphere. As such, laws have been created limiting its use to only when necessary. This means training is not possible with the Halon fire extinguisher, and the only way to prepare ground crews to use it is by showing them a video.


Sheppard Air Force base tasked the GRILL with creating a simulation so that ground crews could be better prepared to use a halon fire extinguisher should the need arise.


Using Unreal Engine 4, HTC Vive, Vive trackers, and 3D printing, the students created a stepping-stone mixed reality simulation towards the halon extinguisher, and a pure VR simulation for the halon fire extinguisher.


The students stated that given more time, they would want to try using a decommissioned halon extinguisher to make a mixed reality halon simulation. They also said they would want to add more realistic foam, more airplanes, and variations on fires.




FINAL Flight PASS Presentation.pptx