Laser Eye Protection



Lasers are used in warfare to temporarily blind enemies. The Optical Radiation Bioeffects Branch in the 711th Human Performance Wing studies the effects these effects and looks for ways to prevent the effects which include a "dazzle" effect and an "after image" effect. These effects can be counteracted with laser eye protection. However, this tints vision, and certain tasks might be difficult to perform. Training people on this kind of effect is difficult because you risk permanent eye damage by shining a real laser into people's eyes.


The Optical Radiation Bioeffects Branch challenged the GRILL to make a simulation that allows people to experience the tinted vision that is caused by wearing laser eye protection, along with the lessened dazzle/after image effects caused by lasers, without the threat of permanent eye damage.


Using Unreal Engine 4, HTC Vive Pro, and Tobii eye tracking, the students created a VR simulation which provides realistic laser effects and realistic tint effects that come with wearing laser eye protection


The students stated that future developments would include integration into a flight simulation, multiplayer, and more visual tasks to complete.




FINAL Laser Dazzle Presentation.pptx