General Resources

Table of Contents



3D Printing

A presentation informing teachers/schools about 3D printing in the classroom and all that it entails. Information ranges from the affordability of supplies to the standards teachers can fulfill.


3D Character Creation for Unreal Engine Using Adobe Fuse

The following guide outlines the processes required to create a fully customized character model using Adobe’s Fuse App and how to add rigging and animations to the character model using Mixamo. Importing this character model with rigging and animation into Unreal® Engine 4 will also be covered as well as how to share animations between character models using the same rigging skeletons.


Challenge Problem to Unit Plan

This document will provide information regarding transitioning from a Challenge Problem to a Unit Plan.


Grant Resources for Teachers

This document will provide assistance in grant writing for STEM initiatives.


Universal Design For Learning

UDL is guided on a set of principles for the curriculum development, which will give all students equal opportunities to learn.



Rocket STEM Challenge Problem Activities

Challenge problems and activities covering different aspects of building, launching, and testing rockets.


Rocket STEM Implementation Guide

An overview of the content created for the course, including engineering logbooks, supporting resources, kit materials, and rocket launch procedures.


Rocket STEM Student Handouts

Handouts for teachers to distribute to students.

Language Arts


CoSpaces Edu: Virtual Reality

Students will use their imagination to create 3D masterpieces demonstrating a character’s perspective.


SketchUp: Creating a Scene

Students will understand the components of setting, provide evidence to justify their ideas, and use SketchUp to demonstrate their recognition of setting. Students will read closely and gather evidence from the text to support their project.


Stop Motion

Students will create a stop animation film to demonstrate their learning of the content: figurative language. Students will have an option of developing an educational stop animation film or applying figurative language to their script and create a short film.



Grote's Introduction to Arduino

A 3 week class to introduce students to electrical circuiting.


mBot Unit

By using mBots, students can learn to program and create an autonomous rover.


RC Vehicle Cars

This lesson explores the use of gears in RC Vehicles.