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About STEMmersion

What is STEMmersion?

The GRILL® engineers assist Dayton Regional STEM School teachers and students with their various projects, which can include anything from soldering to programming. The GRILL® views STEMmersion as a great way to encourage young engineers in fun, engaging ways.

"For the last 10 days of the school year, every student forgoes their normal class schedule and participates in STEMmersion. This is an exciting opportunity to deep-dive into one STEM topic from a long menu of options created by our teachers. From cross-country adventures to crash courses in aviation, there is something for everyone. This is a time for discovering a love of learning, bonding with peers, using transferable soft-skills, and stepping outside of comfort zones."

STEMmersion 2022

During STEMmersion 2022, students created a block based parkour game, and a first person shooter style game.

STEMmersion 2021

For STEMmersion 2021, students created a Rocket League® replica using Unreal Engine 4.