The GRILL Wraps Up Summer Program

GRILL Staff  |  October 21, 2022  |  Hyperlink

For the last decade, The Gaming Research Integration for Learning Lab (GRILL®) has hosted a summer STEM program. This program brings in students from the AFRL Scholar program, the LEGACY program, and cadets from the USAFA. During this program, students are given a challenge problem and create a simulation using gaming technology.

Showcase of 2022 Summer STEM projects.

The 2022 Summer STEM program was The GRILL's largest program yet with 15 AFRL Scholars, 2 LEGACY students, and 6 USAFA cadets. The students were divided into 6 teams, each team being assigned a different challenge problem. The students then used gaming technologies such as Unreal Engine 4, Unity Engine and VR to create simulations fulfilling the need of these challenge problems. The challenge problems were:

The GRILL's Summer STEM program gives students a hands on experience with coding and using various technologies along with the process of working with a customer, developing under the pressure of a deadline, presenting projects, communicating with coworkers and superiors, distributing work, and prioritizing. Projects that students in the Summer STEM Program create often go on to be further developed by GRILL Staff and used by the customer of that project. Some even go on to be shown at events The GRILL attends, such as I/ITSEC.

Students that participated in the summer program reported increased confidence in programming, 3D modelling, rapid prototyping, and problem solving. Multiple GRILL Summer STEM alumni reported that the GRILL helped them grow professionally, and multiple work along side the armed forces.

Check out our summer showcase page to learn more about each of the projects.

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