2019 Projects

Summer STEM Projects

Virtual Reality JTAC Trainer

  • JTACs are devices used to implement laser-guided missiles. Previously, large domes with many displays simulated the environment.

  • Build a cheaper, off-the-shelf, portable replaceable proof-of-concept.

  • A virtual reality experience walked JTAC staff through an exercise.

  • A successful proof-of-concept was built. JTAC must make and refine the scenarios before deploying to other bases.

UAV Simulator

  • Simulate different levels of drone automation to see how autonomous drones can become.

  • Create an experience for one user to fly four pre-programmed drones.

  • Created a prototype using unreal engine 4, Blender, and Quixel products.

  • A level was built letting a user control four drones in one unique map.

Multiplayer VR Maintenance

  • The military wants to decrease the cost of training experiences for low-risk routines.

  • Create a simulation such that multiple users can interact in a shared environment and perform a maintenance routine.

  • Developed a training simulation using the Oculus Rift S and UE4.

  • The project concluded with maintenance simulations for arbitrary objects. In the future, new objects and routines can be added to the simulation.

Multi-Domain Card Game

  • An Air Force Captain from AFIT uses a card game to help train soldiers on the different domains of war.

  • GRILL® students and staff were tasked to create a deck builder for the online game.

  • A deck builder with an intuitive GUI was created by students and staff so players could create new cards and decks with more strategies and functionality.