Air Force Research Lab's


The Gaming Research Integration for Learning Laboratory®

Our mission is to conduct integration efforts and training research using game-based technology to increase the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the people defending our nation.

Our Projects

Provide Airmen with tools and research needed to enhance trainings, save lives, and outperform our adversaries.

Wright-Scholar intern wears a VR headset and stands over a medical dummy to test the VR trauma exam training application.
Wright-Scholar intern testing the VR trauma exam training application.
GRILL staff member points at Unreal Engine code to educate student interns.
GRILL staff members have the expertise and knowledge to lead students towards future success in STEM.

Our Commitment to STEM

Drives us to design programs which develop and sustain a diverse STEM workforce.

Our Impact

Demonstrates our dedication to inspiring the next generation of STEM talent, our military, and the people of the United States.

Student intern wearing a VR headset performs a test in the parachute simulator's indoor parachute harness.
Wright Scholar intern testing the parachute trainer simulation in a safe, virtual environment.

Our Achievements Come With Awards

GRILL staff present at the IronDev competition, one uses a VR headset and one speaks into a microphone.
GRILL staff presenting at IronDev.
  • IronDev People's Choice Award (2020)

  • 711th HPW Collaboration Award (2020)

  • 711th HPW Level AF STEM Outreach Champion Award (2020)

  • 1st Quarter Team Collaboration Award (2018)

  • 3rd place Dayton Business Journal’s Innovation Index Award (2016)

  • 711 Human Performance Wing Commanders Excellence Award (2015)

  • Air Force Training Systems Product Group Excellence in Team Performance Award (2014)

  • NTSA Governor’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Modeling & Simulation (2014)

  • NTSA Modeling and Simulation Award – Training Category (2014)

  • Presented at the Interservice / Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC)

  • Joe Sciabica Innovator’s Award (2013)

What's New At The GRILL®

Summer STEM Presentations

Wright-Scholar students present their summer projects to USAF military, staff, and contractors. More details available in projects.

2021 STEMmersion

During the GRILL's STEMmersion program for 2021, students were challenged to create a car to be played in a replica of Rocket League®.

Want to work with us?

Because we want to work with you.

  • Located at the Dayton Regional STEM school, the GRILL is ready to provide the expertise and technical knowledge you need to inspire the next generation of STEM talent.

  • Download our brochure to learn more about our opportunities within The GRILL.

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