Full Throttle STEM

About Full Throttle STEM

Full Throttle STEM® is a middle school and high school STEM initiative centered on physics, math, and Modeling and Simulations (M&S) applied to the sport of racing. It provides students with relevant learning opportunities and challenges their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The Full Throttle STEM content reflects the engineering challenges that Air Force engineers currently face. Students participating in Full Throttle STEM activities utilize some of the same software tools relied upon by Department of Defense (DoD) scientists and engineers.

Fast Facts

Project Showcase

Student teams have flexibility in choosing their final product. Bring what you have been working on in the classroom and share!

2022 Competition

Students can build or modify RC cars and race them against other students and GRILL members. Races include: a challenge course, drag race and autonomous race.

Getting Started

Use our quick-start guide to get started ->

Copy of FTS Quick Start Guide

2023 and Beyond

The GRILL is currently exploring possibilities to expand the FTS program! 3D Printing, Gaming, Mini Drones and Robotics are all possibilities for future competitions. Visit us at the FTS event or check back for updates!